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Peace and Stabilisation Programme 2018-2022

PSP-HoA 2018-2022

The Horn of Africa comprises rapidly growing economies and is home to a booming young population full of potential. Yet, the region remains one of the most insecure areas by global standards. Protracted conflict, weak national and regional security and political institutions, human rights abuses, corruption, transnational organized crime, as well as violent extremism have proven key challenges to regional peace and stability.

Denmark's Peace and Stabilisation Programme for the Horn of Africa 2018-2022 covers Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia with a special focus on the ongoing conflict in Somalia, recognizing its regional consequences. The programme will contribute to addressing key challenges for the region as well as direct and indirect threats to Denmark's security and welfare, such as violent extremism and terrorism, maritime crime, and irregular migration flows with the overall objective being:

Improved peace and stability in the Horn of Africa by strengthening local, national and regional actor's capacity and ability to manage conflict and insecurity, counter threats and exercise legitimate authority.

The programme will contribute to this main objective through three thematic programmes:

  1. Strengthened regional conflict management capacity and efforts of the actors engaged in promoting stabilisation and security in Somalia.
  2. Reduced levels of violent extremism in the Horn of Africa with a particular focus on Somalia through prevention and disengagement.
  3. Improved capacity to exercise regional and governmental authority across land and maritime borders.

The entire Peace and Stabilisation Programme for the Horn of Africa 2018 - 2022 programme is available here.


Denmark established the Peace and Stabilisation Fund (PSF) in 2010, with the aim to support stabilisation and promote peace in fragile and conflict-affected areas based on a "Whole-of-Government" approach. The PSF is an integral part of Denmark's Foreign and Security Policy and comprises both Official Development Assistance (ODA) and non-ODA resources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence. The PSF funds multiple regional Peace and Stabilisation Programmes, among others for the Horn of Africa.