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The Somalia Country Programme 2019-2023

The Somalia Country Programme 2019-2023

Denmark's development aid for Somalia is channeled through the Somalia Country Programme 2019-2023, which was designed and approved by the Government of Denmark and Government of Somalia in March 2019.

The Country Programme draws on lessons learned from Denmark's prior engagements in Somalia (Somalia Country Programme 2011-2014 and 2015-2018) and follows the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Framework (SDRF), which is the intentionally agreed aid architecture for Somalia.

Thematic Programme 1: Human Rights and Good Governance

This thematic programme supports the UNMPTF programmes for local governance, human rights and the constitutional review proces. It also supports the Somaliland Development Fund.

Thematic Programme 2: Private Sector Development and Inclusive Growth

This programme supports the World Bank, IFC, The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and resilience for pastoralists, farmers and fishermen.

Thematic Programme 3: Protection and Durable Solutions

This programme supports UNICEFs work on protection of children, including rehabilitiation of former child combatants and Danish Refugee Councils work on durable solutions for IDPs. This thematic programme also supports the development of a social safety net for vulnerable Somalis.

Read more about Denmark's development cooperation with Somalia here; Somalia Country Programme 2019-2023.