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The Somalia Country Programme 2015-2018

The Somalia Country Programme 2015-2018
In 2012 Somalia begun a new chapter in its history and established key building blocks for sustained and coordinated development, entrenched in the Somali Compact. The Compact provides a Somali owned framework for working towards a peaceful and stable Somalia, and has a particular focus on inclusive politics, Security Sector Reform, and economic and social development.

Denmark supports Somalia’s ambitions and has in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, the UN, and the World Bank, developed a Country Programme for long-term development cooperation for the period of 2015-2018.

The Country Programme draws on lessons learned from Denmark’s prior engagements in Somalia, and is structured around three Thematic Programmes:

Thematic Programme 1: Governance
The Governance Programme aims to support duty bearers in areas where formal administrations operates. Under this thematic programme Denmark supports the UNs Joint Programme for Local Governance. The aim is to improve local capacity and service delivery, which constitute an essential ingredient for the larger state-building of a federal Somali state.

Thematic Programme 2: Inclusive Economic Growth
The aim of the second thematic programme is to initiate sustainable and inclusive poverty reduction and economic growth. The programme draws on Danish comparative advantages in niches that large-scale programmes may miss. Denmark’s strong knowledge of livestock sector development and village-level resilience constitute a central component.

Thematic Programme 3: Support to the Somali Compact Financing Windows
The third thematic programme provides support to the multi-donor funding mechanisms, the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund (UN MPTF), the World Bank Multi Partner Fund (WB MPF) and the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF). These mechanisms are the best opportunities for sustained development until a Somali country system is in place.

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