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Peace and Stabilisation Programme 2015-2017

A key challenge for the countries at the Horn of Africa is the widespread conflict and instability.

This has been a key cause for piracy, increase of violent extremism and low scores of human development. There is therefore a need for a coordinated approach to deal with fragility and insecurity.

Denmark has a long-term commitment to peace and stability. In 2010 Denmark established the Peace and Stabiliastion Fund (PSF) to support conflict prevention and stabilisation efforts in fragile and conflict affected areas. The PSF provide funding for multiple regional Peace and Stabilisation Programmes, herunder for the Horn of Africa. The programme is structured along three thematic programmes:

Thematic Programme A: Support conflict mitigation as well as local and national governance capacities that contribute to stabilising Somalia.

Thematic Programme B: Build the capacity of regional security actors to undertake multidimensional peacekeeping missions.

Thematic Programme C: Improve capacities in the region to respond to transnational threats.

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